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{Edit} - With the newest version of WordPress, this post is no longer valid.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems being used by website designers, small businesses and individuals to power their websites and blogs.  WordPress 3.2 alone has been downloaded over 5.5 million times.

WordPress is VERY easy to use and with all the plugins and tools it has to offer, it’s an extremely powerful system.  I personally use it on most of my sites and the sites I build for my clients…

But there’s a problem with WordPress… WordPress is designed so that whenever there’s a change in the site, it automatically sends out a “ping” to announce the change to search engines!

It does this by alerting a “ping” website.  Then that website alerts the search engines that they need to come re-index your site to give the search engines the most up-to-date information.

Now I know that this doesn’t sound like a big deal BUT IT IS! Have you heard of “Spam”?  You hate it don’t you.  Of course, we all do! And you can bet that Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t like it either.  If you spam the ping sites, your site can be looked at as a spammer to the search engines thus hurting your chances to get high rankings… It’s a very bad situation and you probably didn’t even know you were doing it.

Let me give you a typical scenario on one of my personal sites http://fuzzys.com.  At least once a week I’ll make a change to the site either with a new blog post or I’ll change a page.  Now, being the perfectionist I am, I’ll publish the new post then go back later and add something I forgot, I’ll change an image or realize that I’ve misspelled a word.  Before long, I’ve change the post 3-4 times in the same day… What does this have to do with spam?  If WordPress wasn’t set up with the flaw I’ve been talking about, this type of editing wouldn’t be a big deal at all but instead, it becomes a HUGE issue!

The way WordPress is set up out of the box, every time you change or edit a post or page, it sends out a ping.  If you “need” to change the same post (Like me) more than 1 or 2 times then you’re sending out a ping 2, 3, or even 4 times for the same post and that will be considered spamming. This is some serious bad news when it comes to search engine ranking.  It’s not guaranteed, but you now run the risk of your site becoming labeled as a ping spammer and it will be MUCH harder to get a good search engine ranking.  Instead of the ping being noticed by the search engines, you’re pings will go ignored and no matter how often you update your site will not be indexed as often.

So now, hopefully you can see that this can be a big problem to your site… Right?  And most people, even in the website design business don’t even realize it!

Are ready for the cure?

It’s simple really… What you’re going to do is download a FREE plugin, configure it correctly (make sure you read this WHOLE document) and you’ll turn the flaw into an advantage… Let’s get on with the step by step instructions!

Step 1: Download the cbnet ping optimizer by clicking on this title (Free Download)

Make sure you download the plugin to a spot where you can find it later… I’d recommend the desktop.

Step 2: Install the plugin into WordPress by logging into your WordPress control panel and clicking on the “Plugin” dropdown on the left hand side of the screen. This will take you to the “Install Plugins” screen.

Step 3: Since we’re going to install the plugin from your computer, click “upload” to be able to upload the plugin from your desktop.

Step 4: Click on the “Browse” button and navigate to the spot on your computer where you saved the plugin from WordPress.org. After you’ve selected it, click “Install Now”

Note… Now the CBNet Ping Optimizing plugin is installed and activated in WordPress and that will take care of the spam issue with your blog. Now we’re going to step it up a notch and turn your new plugin into an advantage!

Let’s recap… Before this plugin fix, WordPress was sending out a “ping” every time you made a change to a post or page. Now with the addition of the CBNet plugin, there won’t be an issue of spam. But now we have the opportunity to make this MUCH better! Instead of pinging 1 ping site, like WordPress is designed to do, we’re going to ping 75 ping sites each time you add a new post or page to your site.

Step 5: [download id="2"] <<-- Click to download the “Ping Optimizer List” text file. Make sure you download it to your desktop so it’s easily found.

Step 6: On the left hand menu of your WordPress Admin, click “cbnet Ping Optimizer” in the settings area.

Step 7: Cut and paste the URLs from the “Ping Optimizer List” you downloaded in step 5 and paste into the “URLs to Ping” area on the cbnet Ping Optimizers settings page. Make sure “Enable Pinging” and “Limit Excessive Pinging” are both checked then click “Save Settings”.

Step 8: You’re done! Congratulations! You’re WordPress site will now STOP ping spamming and your posts and pages will be indexed by the major search engines much quicker! Crisis averted…


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Comments (3)

  • Lewis


    I have just installed this plugin on one of my sites and it’s asking for a licence key. When I clicked through to get a ‘key’, I was taken to a sales page and asked to pay $97 for a developer licence. Seems it’s no longer free!


  • Darren


    That’s really odd… I just installed it yesterday on a site and had no issues where I had to pay anything.


  • Lewis


    My mistake!I didn’t realize I had a similar plugin in my floder and mistakenly uploaded that!It required a paid key.
    Now have the correct one installed and working.
    Thanks Darren


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